• Our why

    Because we've been there. As survivors, we've navigated the cancer experience. As caregivers we've supported our loved ones.

    We understand this whole beautiful catastrophe.

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  • What we offer

    1. Tools. We help you stay organized and in control.

    2. Content. The Patient from Hell podcast, newsletter, and checklists to help you learn.

    3. Services. Our coaches can support you through your journey.

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  • Who is it for

    For Caregivers: We offer services to help address burnout, tools to manage the chaos, and deal with the unimaginable.

    For Survivors: We offer practical tools, support from others who get it, and creative content.

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Take control of your health: get organized & stay grounded

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Manta Planner

For cancer patients, caregivers, and survivors. This all-in-one tool helps you stay organized and overcome anxiousness during the overwhelming journey.

Manta Planner helps both patients and caregivers make decisions about treatment options, track and manage symptoms, stay organized, and mindfully connect with their emotions.

Take this planner to all your medical appointments to keep track of what your doctor says!

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Learn from our community of caregivers, survivors, and experts

Podcast, newsletter, free resources

Get the best care, live your best life.

We believe that our voices are important, and we work with our medical doctors to get the best care we can. Our podcast brings together the best in cancer. Our guests include oncologists, researchers, caregivers, advocates, and survivors.

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