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Manta Planner

Manta Planner: Structure medical planner for cancer patients and caregivers. Science-backed tools to track symptoms, make decisions, and stay organized.

Manta Planner: Structure medical planner for cancer patients and caregivers. Science-backed tools to track symptoms, make decisions, and stay organized.

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Manta Planner is an all-in-one tool for cancer patients, caregivers and survivors. This planner helps you stay organized during this overwhelming journey by keeping track of treatment options, tracking & managing symptoms, staying organized, and mindfully checking in with your emotions. This planner doubles as a journal where you can write about your thoughts, feelings or experiences during treatment. Take Manta Planner to your doctor appointments to record important information and navigate your journey to a healthy and well-thy life.

    What's Inside

    Planning sections for 

    - Diagnosis, including suggested questions to help you plan

    - Treatment Plan, including frameworks to know how to make decisions around treatment 

    - Symptom & Nutrition Plans, for identifying activities to support symptoms, and nutrition 

    - Healing Plans, with nudges to help you heal through treatment 

    - "Your Space" pages for your thoughts & reflections

    Daily Check-In

    - Gratitude & Hope journal

    - Sleep tracker

    - Symptom tracker

    - Medication & nutrition tracker

    Visit Notes

    - Structured pre-appointment, at-appointment, and post-appointment note-taking templates

    Research Notes

    Product Specifications

    Easily fits inside a small bag: 5.5 by 8 inches 

    Lays flat for easy writing: Spiral bound

    Water resistant cover: Aqueous cover laminated 

    Comprehensive: 200 pages with everything you need; 30 days of daily check ins and 24 appointment pages

    Joyful writing experience: White pages (70 lb opaque paper) 

    Easy marking: Planners have visual tabs and include bookmarks 

    Lightweight: Less than 0.7 pounds

    Printed locally at a small women owned business

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    I wish I had this tool when I was first diagnosed yet it is still useful 7 years after my diagnosis!

    This planner is a nice size, it is logically organized, easy to use and it is aesthetically pleasing to work with. All important factors for an every day tool. The planner prompts you to think and ask your doctor about things you might not have considered, like what are the potential side effects of treatments, what might be alternatives, when should you call your healthcare team. There is a daily symptom and medication tracker as well as wellness prompts like, how you want to work on healing each day. It is truly a useful tool for me as a patient, as it keeps me organized and it is helpful to have everything in one place... meds (what each is and how and when to take), side effects, symptoms, questions that come up for my healthcare team, visit notes, etc. As a doctor, I see a huge benefit to patients tracking their symptoms, side effects, and medication intake as well as jotting down their questions for me as they come up. I often had patients come to their visit with a vague idea of their symptom progression and which meds might be associated with which side effects. Sometimes they forget important questions and only remember after our visit. Tracking these data gives me a much clearer picture of what is going on and will empower me and the patient to provide better, more individualized care.

    Great all-in-one cancer planning and tracking tool!!

    Manta Planner helps organize my medical journey and keeps track of important medical information for me. Manta Planner contains planning and tracking templates for cancer diagnosis, treatment, symptoms, and nutrition, covering all aspects of the cancer journey. Manta Planner also has many daily check in pages where I can log my sleep quality, practice daily gratitude, create meal plans, and write down symptoms to ask my doctor about. Overall, it's a great planning tool that I carry everywhere. I love it and absolutely recommend it to anyone going through the cancer process!

    Molly L.
    I needed this 10 years ago!

    What a well thought out planner for not only patients, but caregivers and survivors. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 10 years ago and wish I’d had this planner then. It is an organized way to stay in control and actively participate in your care. My favorite section as a survivor is the mindfulness area, which is something that is so important, but easy to forget when dealing with the physical aspects of a cancer diagnosis. This will be my go-to gift for newly diagnosed friends (of which there have already been far too many!).

    John E
    Initial reactions to the Manta Planner

    I received the planner a few days ago and have yet to get it operational. Even at this early stage, however, I can tell that it will be invaluable. To start, my professional job is in the cancer domain, so I probably have a better knowledge of my disease and its therapies than the average patient. But, when I visit with doctors, there is a tendency to get confused. And there are so many doctors, nurses and other support personnel … the planner will help me keep all these sources of input straight when I review my notes. Sometimes I see five or six professionals each day, so having the planner keeps the conversation streams tidy. The “open questions” section is going to be invaluable. Doctors do not have all the answers, but knowing what they do not know with certainty is helpful to me. Again, as a scientist, I can access the literature and try to answer my own questions. My doctors later seem to appreciate learning what I learn. They are busy doctoring and not always able to keep up with the most modern published literature.

    The section on updating diagnoses is a must for patients newly diagnosed with less-than-simple cancers. My disease is called double-hit (MYC and BCL-2 rearranged and amplified) diffuse B-cell lymphoma, but it took a few weeks to rule out more likely options (there are many types of non-Hodgkins lymphomas, and I have a rare sub-type). The Planner gives the opportunity to trace the evolution towards a final diagnosis.

    Lastly, for now, I like the fact that the book starts with “important information” and “important contacts.” I have been logging this information on my iPad (also a useful resource) but the Planner lets you more easily update recently information when features of your disease become more manifest. On the way leading to my current team, I passed through two others. The first two teams are now in my rear-view mirror. The clinicians that matter most now are the current team … a group of lymphoma experts (my kind of lymphoma) complemented by a team of diabetes specialists (my diabetes profoundly affects my therapy and wellbeing). I strongly advise people who get the Mantra Planner to write in it in pencil. Samira has given us a gift in that the paper she used is high-quality and erases easily. My advice is to understand upfront that things may change in your team and therapeutic regimen and write in pencil … not ink … to take advantage of the updatability of pencil records. I know I could do the same on my iPad but, if you have ever used and iPad to keep records, you know that you write down everything and keep the notes as a permanent records you can use to see the evolution of important stuff over time. The Mantra Planner is a one-stop resource that you can pull out in the high-energy moments you have with your doctors and give them the facts, quickly. I do not know if Samira plans a tablet-based version of the Planner. I think that the paper version is great for the reasons detailed above. I could see a parallel version for a tablet, but that would have to be designed carefully to be a complement, and not a replacement, for the more “organic” version she created first.

    Laura Hendricks
    Such a Needed Resource in Cancer Treatment and Survivorship

    What a great tool to have all the details in one place for the ever changing journey of cancer treatment and survivorship. Manta Planner has thought of all the things you need during this difficult time, and even guides you with questions for your medical team. Everyone needs a Manta Planner!