• Episode 55: Demystifying Death with Hospice Nurse Julie & Katie Coleman

    March 27, 2024

    1. Having a strong support system is crucial for navigating the challenges of cancer as well as life, in general.
    2. Acceptance and adapting to new circumstances can help you thrive throughout your cancer experience, but it’s also okay to be upset and angry (you have every right to be).
    3. Maintaining a realistic outlook while embracing positivity is important when living with cancer.

  • Episode 54: Balancing Act - Navigating the Reality of Cancer with Michael and his Mom

    March 13, 2024

    1. Having a strong support system is crucial for navigating the challenges of cancer as well as life, in general.
    2. Acceptance and adapting to new circumstances can help you thrive throughout your cancer experience, but it’s also okay to be upset and angry (you have every right to be).
    3. Maintaining a realistic outlook while embracing positivity is important when living with cancer.

  • Episode 53: Innovations in Personalized Cancer Care with Dennis Watson and Clifford Reid

    March 6, 2024

    1. The field of DNA sequencing has evolved over the years, but the application of genomics in cancer treatment still faces challenges in achieving widespread success.
    2. Sales and commercial teams play a crucial role in educating clinicians about new innovations in personalized oncology, and oftentimes scientific/product innovations take a while to actually become a part of a clinician’s practice.
    3. The future of personalized oncology involves the development of multiple techniques for selecting the right drug for the right patient at the right time, as well as increased patient involvement in their own care.

Patient from Hell

A Manta Cares podcast

Are you a cancer patient? Caregiver? Survivor? Advocate? Changemaker? Imagine a thriving global community, ready to embrace you with open arms, offering unwavering support and invaluable advice. The Patient From Hell is not just a podcast, it's a community of individuals who understand your journey firsthand and are working to make things better for cancer patients and the people who support them. Hosted by cancer survivor and "Patient From Hell", Samira Daswani, each episode will educate, empower, inspire and most importantly, show you that you are not alone in your experience. Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Previous Episodes

Episode 52: How can hypnotherapy help cancer patients and their caregivers?

1. Cultural taboos towards mental health and how finding communities who struggle with similar problems can help with depression, anxiety, etc.
2. Hypnotherapy’s capabilities for improving quality of life, including mental health, pain management, and sleep quality in cancer patients.
3. The trials and tribulations of becoming a caregiver and potential research on hypnotherapy for caregivers.

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Episode 51: Breast Cancer recurrence detection with caregiver turned oncologist Dr. Fumiko Chino

1. There is a gap between intended care and actual care. The solution doesn’t have to be so grand either; we can start at small acts of kindness and accessibility.
2. Communication with patients should be tailored to each individual, taking into account their unique experiences and perspectives.
3. There is often no singular right answer in cancer treatment, and the best plan for a patient may vary depending on their circumstances.
4. Doctors should also prioritize their own well-being to prevent burnout and thus be able to provide better care to their patients.

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Episode 50: Facing Your Mortality and Living with an Uncertain Future with Katie Coleman

1. Initially a cancer diagnosis triggers fears and uncertainties about mortality, but acceptance of mortality leads to a rewarding change of perspective and even a fulfilling life. Encountering death transforms life by influencing priorities and perspectives.
2. As a result of the shift in perspective, facing your own mortality may negatively impact bonds outside the cancer community. Feelings of isolation and not fitting in are common, particularly in situations dominated by small talk.
3. Finding a balance between personal fulfillment and social interactions is challenging but crucial. Prioritizing meaningful activities and relationships is important for a fulfilling life.

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Episode 49: Community healthcare, fitness, and cancer 101 with Dr. Christopher Terry

1. The pros and cons of local oncology care and academic-affiliated oncology care, as well as what Dr. Terry does to help alleviate the gaps of community care.
2. The importance of physical activity (not only on the body), but also on the emotional side of the cancer experience.
3. Cancer 101: Dr. Terry’s usual protocol for consulting new cancer patients and his long term hopes for the future of oncology and healthcare.

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Episode 48: Healthcare Economics and Racial Disparities in Prostate Cancer Patients

1. The three trade-offs in healthcare economics are: equity, efficiency. and quality of care.
2. What are examples of overuse of low value care? What are examples of underuse of high value care?
3. Racial disparities in healthcare, specifically in Prostate Cancer, between African American and white patients
4. A current solution to disparities that healthcare researchers like Dr. Jayadevappa are looking into is shared decision making through a preference assessment.

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Episode 47: Why doesn’t my doctor know me? An examination of healthcare’s systemic failures featuring Dr. Ilana Yurkiewicz

1. We get a peek into a typical clinician’s workday and the structural issues within it.
2. Three ways the healthcare system is fragmented: medical culture, loss to follow-up, and technology—and how they impact patients.
3. The issues with finding primary care for cancer survivors and why post-cancer treatment is arguably the hardest part of the journey.
4. What can you, as a patient, do to improve your visits?

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Episode 46: A Geographer's Journey through Space, Time and Pancreatic Cancer with Matthew Rosenblum

1. The intersections of identity, including being Jewish and BRCA2 positive.
2. The importance of advocating for yourself with your care team.
3. How the emotional and physical toll of living with terminal cancer can still bring moments of resilience and humor.

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Episode 45: Spiritual Resilience in the Adversity of the Cancer Experience with David Moriah

1. Explore David's profound relationship with faith and how even in the face of cancer, he is certain that The Creator is looking out for him through “God Winks”.
2. Advice on paying attention to intuitive feelings, especially when something feels off, and the importance of getting a diagnosis sooner rather than later.
3. David's unique approach to faith and what he’d like to be remembered for are discussed, providing insight into the values that keep him upright in his journey.

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Episode 44: Ageless Decisions - Navigating Geriatric Oncology, Clinical Trials, and Patient-Centric Care

1. There are an increasing number of older adults with cancer, yet older adults are often underrepresented in clinical trials.
2. Social networks play a significant role in decision-making, and it is important to consider the influence of family and friends on patients' choices.
3. Patient input is valuable in developing interventions and improving care delivery.

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Episode 43: Navigating Colorectal Cancer Screening for Older Adults

1. The importance of individualized decision-making for colorectal cancer screening in people aged 76 to 85.
2. How clinician training prompted an increase in conversations about preferences and options for colorectal cancer screening.
3. “Can we talk about my options?” or “Here are my goals” as phrases to encourage collaboration between doctor and patient

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Episode 42: Finding the genius in humanity to transform health

1. The study of population health (epidemiology) versus individual health.
2. Comparing Mammograms and MRIs for breast cancer surveillance.
3. Examining the need for a more patient-centered approach to healthcare.

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Episode 41: Enhancing patient-provider collaboration for better health outcomes (Part 1)

1. Why making a decision about treatment should be a collaboration between the patient and their care team.
2. How decision aids and coaching can help patients feel prepared to more actively participate in decision making.
3. How to ensure that a patient’s expert opinion is integrated into treatment plans.

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Episode 40: Navigating Breast Cancer Survivorship with Karen Wernli, PhD

1. The study of population health (epidemiology) versus individual health.
2. Comparing Mammograms and MRIs for breast cancer surveillance.
3. Examining the need for a more patient-centered approach to healthcare.

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Episode 39: When the patient becomes the caregiver, Molly and Tom’s story

1. How family dynamics and perspectives change after a cancer diagnosis.
2. How family dynamics and perspectives change after a cancer diagnosis.surveillance.
3. The ripple effect that our choices have in creating a future we never expected.

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Episode 38: Am I making the right decision? with Dr. Glyn Elwyn and Danielle Schubbe

1. The art of combining clinical guidelines and patient preference to make the best treatment decision.
2. The role of patient goals in making decisions and realizing that decisions are being made for a “future self” using “current self” experiences.
3. Exploring the three-talk model of decision making: team talk, option talk and decision talk.

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Episode 37: Decoding Decision-Making in Prostate Cancer with Dr. David Penson (Part 2)

1. Importance of informed decision making and arming patients with accurate and reliable information.
2. Understanding the concept of patient preferences in treatment decision making.
3. Overcoming decision biases and how the emotion of a cancer diagnosis can outweigh a rational decision-making process.

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Episode 36: A Brother’s Gift with Wills and Esther Levy

1. The power of the time Wills’ bone marrow donation gave the family to create memories with Andrew.
2. How Esther’s maternal intuition ended the arduous path to a cancer diagnosis for Andrew.
3. Andrew’s legacy of joy in guiding the family to live without regrets and take advantage of every opportunity presented to them.

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Episode 35: The Evolution of Prostate Cancer Care with Dr. David Penson (Part 1)

1. What is comparative effectiveness research and why does it matter to cancer patients?
2. The evolution of the stigma associated with Prostate Cancer.
3. How to think about the nuances of PSA screening tests.

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Episode 34: Nurturing the Adventurous Spirit with David Moriah

1. How outdoor adventures have shaped David’s view on leadership and life.
2. Recognizing the value of all roles in a group and how the sum of the parts contributes to the success of the whole.
3. The power that comes from an insecure future in fueling an adventurous spirit.

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Episode 33: Navigating cancer as a family, with Samira’s mom Monika

1. The role of family caregivers during cancer treatment
2. How faith, intent and spirituality guided Monika’s caregiving
3. Navigating nutrition during cancer treatments

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Episode 32: From Jeopardy champion to living with cancer, Jeff Stewart's story

1. The balance of living life as if you have might have months to live or you might have many years to live.
2. The power and limitations of data and how systemic biases influence the way people interpret information.
3. Life insights from Jeff’s book, “Living: Inspiration from a Father with Cancer”.

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Episode 31: Unleashing the future of cancer treatments - ASCO highlights with past ASCO president Dr. Doug Blayney (Part 2)

1. What are CDK 4/6 inhibitors and why are they important?
2. How can genetic testing inform cancer treatment plans?
3. How do physicians and patients think about and integrate new scientific findings?

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Episode 30: What is the ASCO annual meeting and why does it matter? Behind the scenes with past ASCO President Dr. Doug Blayney (Part 1)

1. What brings 40,000 people to Chicago for the ASCO annual meeting?
2. How does the scientific information presented at ASCO impact patients and the public?
3. The importance of transparency and trust in presenting scientific findings.

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Episode 29: Fitness consistency and the importance of movement for the cancer community with Olympic gymnast and fitness expert Dave Durante

1. The importance of mental fitness to help improve physical fitness.
2. Tips for cancer survivors to regain strength and mobility after treatment.
3. The power of consistency and focusing on the process rather than the end result to achieve goals.

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Episode 28: Self-advocacy in action: Inspiration from TikTok influencer KatieKicksCancer, rare cancer patient and advocate Katie Coleman

1. The power of social media and storytelling for rare cancer patients
2. The value of second opinions and shared decision making with your doctors
3. The importance of asking questions and self advocacy

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Episode 27: This radiation oncologist took her patient-centric focus to the next level by creating products to improve quality of life, with Dr. Madhu Shetti

1. How to balance cancer treatment with quality of life
2. Understanding radiation oncology and holistic patient needs
3. Embracing diversity and building patient trust

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Episode 26: Techniques to manage stress and uncertainty with professor and author Dr. Manuela Kogon (Part 2)

1. Defining the term “stress” and the impact of elevated distress levels
2. How uncertainty activates the brain
3. techniques to manage stress and uncertainty

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Episode 25: Stress, mind-body connection, and quantity vs quality of life, with professor and author Dr. Manuela Kogon (Part 1)

1. Mind-body connection and the internal & external stimuli driving stress
2. Learning to live with uncertainty, fear and trauma in survivorship
3. Quantity vs. quality of life and the the cost-benefit analysis for people living with cancer

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Episode 24: Living well with cancer, reprioritizing what’s important to find balance, decision making in the face of uncertainty with Dr. Yi-wen Huang

1. Reprioritizing life after a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis
2. Navigating clinical trials and contributing to science
3. Communicating a cancer diagnosis to loved ones and finding silver linings

4. Life lessons learned in the face of uncertainty

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Episode 23: Navigating pediatric brain cancer as a mom and cancer researcher, trusting motherly instinct and how best to support kids with cancer with Dr. Gayatri Gowrishankar

1. The power of imaging for cancer early detection
2. How a personal cancer diagnosis motivates and inspires professional work in the cancer research lab
3. Following motherly instinct to push for a diagnosis for your child

4. Caring for yourself when you’re a cancer patient’s caregiver

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Episode 22 : Challenges to reduce the global cancer burden, the universal power of storytelling, and the rise of a new public health crisis with Carolyn Taylor

1. The intersection of art and global health
2. Universal power of storytelling to fight cancer stigma globally
3. The importance of developing culturally appropriate cancer programs

4. The difference between a healthcare system & a healthcare industry

5. The emergence of a new public health crisis with the latest data on alcohol consumption and cancer risk

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Episode 21 : Conversation with a 22-year indolent cancer patient on the power of lifestyle changes and the combination of distraction + mindfulness to surpass median survival stats

1. The unique nature of indolent (slow growing) cancer and living as a patient for +20 years

2. Examining median survival stats and Stephen Gould’s paper “The Median Isn’t the Message”

3. Nutrition modifications and the shift to a plant-based diet

4. Grappling with uncertainty using Distraction + Mindfulness

5. The evolution of treatment and imaging in her cancer over the past 21 years

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Episode 20: Navigating Uncertainty, Making Decisions in the Absence of Data, Advocating & Caregiving with Jane Gutkovich of the EHE Foundation

1. The power of patient organizing and advocacy

2. Decision making for rare cancers with small amounts of data – relying on some combo of trust, faith and instinct

3. The role of the family care team to support patients

4. The evolution of patient communities from small to larger and the opportunities and challenges that presents

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Episode 19: Cancer Financial Toxicity & Health Inequities with Rosie Cunningham of Family Reach

1. Financial toxicity is driven by lack of transparency in the healthcare system as well as the complicated nature of cancer care

2. Health inequities drive financial toxicity and are deeply rooted in the healthcare system

3. Tips for patients and caregivers on navigating financial challenges during the cancer experience

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Episode 18: The future of patient data with cancer survivor and healthcare entrepreneur Jennifer Hinkel

1. What advice would adult Jennifer give to her 17-year-old self about being diagnosed with cancer?

2. The importance and value of patient data

3. Building the bank for patient data

4. Henrietta Lacks’ cell line and its incredible impact on science relate to digital patient data today

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Episode 17: Tumor boards, team-based care, and the business of healthcare with medical oncologist Dr. Gabriel A. Brooks

1. The art and science of personalized cancer treatment.

2. What are tumor boards, how do they work, and why are they important for cancer treatment decision-making?

3. Team-based oncology care delivery, understanding patient preferences, and providing appropriate care.

4. The business of oncology and how reimbursement influences patient care decisions.

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Episode 16: Navigating sex, dating, and stigma during the cancer experience with Sanjay Deshpande

1. Intersectional experience as a cancer survivor across sex, sexuality, and dating.

2. Nuances of cancer stigma in South Asia and how to navigate it.

3. The need for creating resources specific to the South Asian Young Adult community.

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Episode 15: Living life with an incurable brain tumor as a young South Asian with Sanjay Deshpande

1. How to live a life with an incurable cancer

2. Using creativity in moments of darkness

3. Creating a cancer support community for South Asians

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Episode 14: Impact of sexual health, barriers in cancer care for the LGBTQ community and the evolving role of the oncologist-sherpa with Dr. Don Dizon.

1. The changing role of the Oncologist - Starting as the Sherpa, transitioning to a mentor, and then breaking up!

2. Awareness of barriers the LGBTQ community faces in accessing healthcare

3. The distinction between addressing reproductive health and sexual health in cancer care

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Episode 13: Leveraging the power of social media for cancer awareness and support with survivor and influencer Jessica

1. Jessica Fishman’s journey dealing with her mother’s death and inheriting the BRCA1 mutation

2. Living, while knowing you will get cancer. 

3. Navigating survivorship, finding a way back into the society and enhancing meaning through giving back to the community

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Episode 12: Learning to live in the moment, maximize time, and take a moment to pause. Dr. Maeve Baechler coaches 11 year survivor, Molly Lindquist, gain clarity & make herself a priority.

1. Giving yourself the permission to prioritize oneself while being a mom, wife, friend, supporter and survivor. Using the “mid-day reset,” to quieten the cancer devil on the shoulder.

2. Dr. Maeve’s coaching approach helps Molly identify her goal, drive clarity, and create actionable steps to “pause” and prioritize herself.

3. The juxtaposition of living in the moment, and maximizing time we have as cancer survivors.

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Episode 11: Advocating for yourself as an AYA cancer patient and paying it forward with Bay Area Young Survivors (BAYS) board member, Yvonne Tou

1. Experiencing breast cancer as an AYA (adolescent and young adult)

2. Self-care, the role of journaling and mental health as a cancer patient

3. The role and impact of community for supporting young cancer survivors and patients

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Episode 10: Understanding the Science, Symptoms and Community around Ovarian Cancer with Karen Young from the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

1. Overview of ovarian cancer.

2. Karen’s journey and experience of building the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC) and the power of the community

3. The science and symptoms of ovarian cancer; building awareness and education resources for women

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Episode 9: Insights on using private capital to address cancer with Investor Mark Mendel

1. Personal experience and reflections from being a caregiver

2. Understanding the survival early-stage oncology investing ecosystem

3. Emerging themes and trends in oncology innovation and patient care

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Episode 8: Caring for caregivers with Senior Scholar at Stanford University’s Clinical Excellence Research Center Nirav Shah

1. Nuances of understanding value-based care and the invisible care-giver economy

2. The importance of caring for caregivers

3. Insights on who the caregivers are and their experience with COVID

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Episode 7: Understanding Community, Collaboration and Caregiving with the Chair and Chief Executive Officer of Translating Research Across Communities (TRAC) Paula Kim - PART II

1. Taking PanCan global and multicultural insights on cancer

2. The art of translating a movement into a sustainable organization

3.Importance of doing the hard and obvious things

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Episode 6: Understanding Community, Collaboration and Caregiving with the Chair and Chief Executive Officer of Translating Research Across Communities (TRAC) Paula Kim - PART I

1. Learnings and insights from the early days of setting up PanCan

2. Art and science of community building

3. Nuances of interdisciplinary collaboration and personal learning and upskilling in the face of complexity

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Episode 5: Exploring the importance of guidelines for cancer treatment with the Executive Director of the NCCN Foundation Patrick K. Delaney

1. Insights on the evolution of medical science, public policy and funding for cancer care in the US

2. The importance supportive care, guidelines and resources, and the role of NCCN and the NCCN Foundation

3. Framework for understanding life-span and quality of life for patients and caregivers

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Episode 4: Is fighting cancer like playing chess? with Samira and Raghav

1. Is a chess analogy really appropriate for cancer

2. Pros and cons of thinking of cancer in the form of infinite games

3. Nurturing ambiguity and taking high stake decisions

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Epidsode 3: The art and science of making cancer treatment decision(s) with Samira Daswani

1. Are metaphors like “infinite games” valid for approaching cancer care?

2. How to develop your strategy when everything seems uncertain and unclear

3. The importance of rethinking assumptions

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Episode 2: Understanding the Cancer Caregiver Ecosystem with Samira and Raghav

1. What does the caregiver ecosystem really mean

2. Second order effects of being diagnosed with cancer

3. Exploring different strategies to grapple with the crisis

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Episode 1: Being Diagnosed with Cancer - Reflections by Samira Daswani

1. Emotional, psychological and financial cost of being diagnosed with cancer

2. Principles of building a community  of cancer survivors and caregivers

3. Processing suffering and becoming anti-fragile

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