Episode 12: Learning to live in the moment, maximize time, and take a moment to pause


Key highlights:

1. Giving yourself the permission to prioritize oneself while being a mom, wife, friend, supporter and survivor. Using the “mid-day reset,” to quieten the cancer devil on the shoulder.

2. Cancer coaching helps Molly identify her goal, drive clarity, and create actionable steps to “pause” and prioritize herself.

3. The juxtaposition of living in the moment, and maximizing time we have as cancer survivors.

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  • 4 minutes 14 seconds:

    “Why is focus important to you?”

    “I think that post cancer especially there is this battle internally to pack in as much as possible before this cancer thing comes back, potentially. That creates a bit of chaos that I want to do this with my kids, and this professionally, and here and there. There’s a lot of stuff…I call it the cancer devil on my shoulder, always there reminding me that time is not a given”

  • 8 minutes and 1 seconds:

    “There are a lot of different roles, and you can’t be good at everything. You need to pick and choose or allocate better the energy expenditure to each of those roles. The focus piece can specifically be the triage system. Not just what’s most important or urgent, but also what I believe is the most important to focus on. This is not the same as what “they” or the world perceives to be the most important.”

    “I have a hard time as a people pleaser to reconcile that as well.”

  • 14 minutes and 45 seconds:

    “Everything tends to be about fitting in what other people or animals need versus taking care of myself, and that’s really hard for me to do because I do want to be there for other people.”

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