Episode 13: Leveraging the power of social media for cancer awareness and support with survivor and influencer Jessica


Key highlights:

1. Jessica Fishman’s journey dealing with her mother’s death and inheriting the BRCA1 mutation

2. Living, while knowing you will get cancer.

3. Navigating survivorship, finding a way back into the society and enhancing meaning through giving back to the community

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About our guests

Jessica Fisherman

Jessica Fisherman is the Founder of a Non-Profit called, Soulful Sunflower. Jessica was 34 when she was diagnosed with TNBC (Triple Negative Breast Cancer). She was overwhelmed researching products that could have potential reactions due to chemotherapy. She began researching companies that made "good" products for cancer patients. She started getting products and giving them away for free to others.

Soulful Sunflower provides products for free to the cancer community. They go directly to companies to make sure that their product is safe, but can not predict everyone’s allergies or sensitivities and do not take responsibility and accept no liabilities. This is a completely free box that is sent directly to people that have either been nominated by friends or family members or they nominate themselves through social media.

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  • At 18 minutes and 41 seconds:

    I have such little energy, and I need to focus that energy on the good parts (of life).

  • At 25 minutes:

    It is okay to be vulnerable. People understand, even if they have never gone through..they give us the space to make mistakes.

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