Helping Hands

Non profit in affiliation with Manta Cares

We are on a mission to making the cancer experience just a little easier.

Our nonprofit is based in Kolkata, India and operates across the country.

Our mission is to serve any patient or caregiver with any cancer based in India or of South Asian descent.

Today we have patients from Nagpur, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangladesh, Pune, Delhi, and the US as part of our community.

  • Community

    We are a global community of any Indian diagnosed with cancer, or a family member caring for a patient with cancer. We interact both virtually and in-person. We held our first in person event in Kolkata in 2022. Our next virtual meeting will be on March 15th, 2023

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  • Products & Services

    We partner with Manta Cares in the US to offer proprietary planners and notebooks to the Indian cancer community, including hospitals. We provide support for mental health, exercise, and nutrition.

    We cover the cost for anyone who cannot afford access to the products and services.

  • Creative Content

    Manta Cares, our sister organization, creates free content in the form of podcasts, videos, checklists, and a newsletter. All of this content is made available for free to the Indian cancer community.

    Patient from Hell Podcast 

Join our WhatsApp community

Our Indian community interacts on WhatsApp. Join other patients and caregivers in our community. We offer free content, support from one another, in person and virtual meetups.

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  • Sunil Daswani, Board

    Sunil Daswani is a caregiver of a cancer survivor. He began Helping Hands over 3 decades ago along with his father Lachmandas Daswani. After his experiences as a caregiver, Sunil is committed to supporting others in India and abroad better manage their cancer experience.

  • Monika Daswani, Board

    Monika Daswani is the CEO and is on the Board of Directors of Helping Hands. With her leadership Helping Hands pivoted from a general non-profit to embrace to the mission to spread awareness about cancer diagnosis, early detection and supporting other patients and caregivers. She was the primary caregiver to her daughter, who was diagnosed with cancer.

  • Raghav Daswani, Board

    As a nutritional Chef Raghav joined Helping Hands to provide free education and services for nutrition to the Indian community. As a professional Chef Raghav has a catering business in India. He has been instrumental in leading the efforts to grow the community over WhatsApp.

Support Our Mission

We operate out of Mira Mandir at 6/1B Moira Street, Kolkata, West Bengal 70017. To support our efforts, please click on the following link for more information on how to donate to our mission.

10% of all Manta Cares products and services are also donated to our organization when you use code HH2023 at checkout.