Episode 52: How can hypnotherapy help cancer patients and their caregivers?

Sit back, relax, and get ready to dive into the world of hypnotherapy! In this episode, Dr. Sonia Gupte will explore the intriguing realm of hypnotherapy and its potential impact on the mental and physical well-being of cancer patients. Join us as we debunk common misconceptions, shed light on the benefits, and delve into the current regulatory landscape surrounding this fascinating therapeutic approach.  

Check out the mentioned research in Dr. Gupte’s book here.

Dr. Sonia Gupte discussing hypnotherapy for cancer patients and caregivers

About our guest

With over 15 years of experience as a Family Medicine Physician in major healthcare facilities across India, Singapore, and Dubai, Dr. Gupte now focuses on treating patients through the power of the mind. For the past 9 years, she has utilized Clinical Hypnotherapy to tap into the "Human Subconscious Mind," effectively addressing physical and emotional conditions. Dr. Gupte is dedicated to integrating this modality into mainstream medicine and has authored the best-selling book "WITHIN," detailing her journey and successful patient case studies. She founded the Nonprofit Organization "Mind Medicine Movement" to promote mind-body healing and is particularly focused on helping cancer survivors improve their quality of life through hypnotherapeutic tools.

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  • 27 minutes:

    "So hypnotherapy as a modality is very, it has very clear boundaries. It is not forever. You come with a goal. That goal is delivered through experiences which...are somewhere lost like a maze in your subconscious."

  • 41 minutes:

    “The surprising thing is that when you research hypnosis and hypnotherapy, there is so much work which has already been done in the last few decades because we have been curious to bring this modality back into the medical field. Many successful researchers have done this and the focus has been pain management. The focus has been anxiety, depression. And when you specifically dive into hypnotherapy in oncology, starting from the diagnostic procedures to the treatment to the quality of life in survivors, there have been researchers established already showcasing the efficacy of the power of mind.“

  • 53 minutes:

    “Caregiver burnout is real. Caregiver stress anxiety is very real. In India, we opened the doors for caregivers as well. We actually tried to convince them, “come with the survivor because you need equal care.” You know how we say on the airplane, put the mask first on your face and then on the next person? They happily agreed and they worked on themselves and they found so many things we are in denial of. When you sense and when you close those things, your energy levels improve. Your sleep quality improves. Your joy to live life improves. Everything goes to the next level. And that is what they realized just in four days. So we are opening up this project for caregivers as well.”

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