Episode 45: Spiritual Resilience in the Adversity of the Cancer Experience with David Moriah

We welcome back one of our previous guests, David Moriah! Embark on a profound journey into David's relationship with religion and faith, specifically uncovering how his unwavering faith became a guiding light through his cancer experience. The radiant blend of optimism and vulnerability in this episode offers invaluable lessons for us all. Don't miss out—tune in and be inspired by David's compelling story.

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About our guest

David Moriah has lived 72 abundantly blessed years and is fiercely determined to extend the streak in the face of a “stage 4, incurable” diagnosis. He is a husband of 48 years, a father of two and a grandfather of two and a half. That’s more important than what he’s done for a living. As for that, he spent his 20s as a wilderness instructor for Outward Bound and is the founding director of Cornell University’s outdoor education program. He hosts a blog at CaringBridge, “Adventures in ChemoLand”, and he is a passionate advocate for staying fit while undergoing treatment, and looking out for “God Winks”, those moments of joy and reassurance that we are not alone in this sometimes scary and foreboding journey.

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  • 18 minutes:

    On finding peace in the future.

    But whatever it is, whatever that afterlife is, I have a peace and assurance that I'm gonna be okay, that the Creator’s gonna take care of me. I don't know what it's gonna look like, but I am so at peace about this. And there's a line in the Christian Bible that talks about the peace that passes all understanding.

  • 30 minutes:

    On listening to your gut.

    I want to urge everyone to take the extra step, make sure you're checking out your symptoms. Don't poo it… No, no, treat yourself right.

  • 48 minutes:

    On finding purpose.

    My main purpose right now that I'm feeling is telling my story, for those who want to hear it. To tell my story and hopefully help people in their journeys. And then the other is just to take advantage of every moment, every day. Every opportunity to be with my kids and grandkids and just to go out and enjoy that beautiful sunset that The Creator gave me.

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