Abstract Selected for the ASCO Quality Care Symposium

Abstract Selected for the ASCO Quality Care Symposium

We are excited to announce that our abstract titled "Acceptance testing of a visual care navigation tool for patients, survivors, caregivers, nurses, and oncologists." has been selected for a poster presentation at the upcoming ASCO Quality Care Symposium on October 27 & 28th in Boston.  

This is an exciting opportunity to preview some initial data from the user testing of the Manta Cares Digital Platform, developed with Dr. Douglas Blayney, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University, past ASCO President, and Head of the Manta Cares Scientific Advisory Board. Samira Daswani, Founder + CEO of Manta Cares Inc., will present the poster at the symposium. The ASCO Quality Care Symposium provides research and insights for the entire clinical care team to discover the latest methods for measuring patient and caregiver experience, provider efficiency, clinical outcomes and quality and safety in the cancer care field.

We look forward to connecting with fellow researchers, clinicians and advocates at the symposium and will keep you posted on the upcoming launch of our digital platform.

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