Luminaries: A Guided Program for Survivorship

Luminaries: A Guided Program for Survivorship

I met Laura on our journey into survivorship. Since our very first conversation we realized that we were to become life long friends, mentors and guides for each other. She has come to be a pillar of support and a champion for us - survivors. 

Today I wanted to share her story! 

Laura's Story & How she started Luminaries. 

After an unexpected ER visit, I was admitted to the hospital immediately, and remained there for the majority of the next 6 months.

I am a survivor of an aggressive form of blood cancer (acute myeloid leukemia) through chemotherapy, full body radiation, and a stem cell transplant. I am a wife and a mother of three small children. I saw my children only a handful of times, and my husband acted as a single parent, during my brutal treatment.

Since I started treatment and admitted to the oncology unit, I was guided hour-by-hour on my road to recovery, my life was being saved by teams of doctors and nurses (and a few miracles).

When I was finally released from the hospital, I was relieved to begin my Survivorship journey. I was lucky to have a support system of friends and family to assist and encourage me. However, until you’ve been there, you have no idea what to expect, or even ask for.

To say the least, Survivorship was not as elating as I had imagined. I felt lost, lonely, and confused. It is a very personal journey, but there is a desire to know you aren’t alone, and others have the same struggles.

I eventually came to realization that listening to my body and focusing on my own innate abilities, I could become more resilient - step by step and not chasing quick fixes.

I believe each one of us can achieve more in Survivorship than we ever thought was possible. 

That is why I started Luminaries, an honest program that looks inward and revisits your own potential and abilities. Built to make Survivorship more purposeful, less lonely, and by someone who continues down the same journey…

Luminaries will guide you through six habits that deepen your connections, strengthen your goals, and hit reset for an entire year! Kits are based around six areas of focus, each with a 60 day action plan. You will be introduced to simple-yet-effective practices that can be seamlessly incorporated into your everyday life. 


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