“The Patient From Hell” podcast is awarded 2 years of funding from PCORI

“The Patient From Hell” podcast is awarded 2 years of funding from PCORI

We are thrilled to share that we received a 2-year funding award from the Patient Centered Outcome Research Institute to support our podcast, "The Patient from Hell". The podcast aims to share valuable and sought-after information in a friendly and easily understandable way, so that everyone, including patients and families going through the cancer journey, can access and benefit from it. Host, Samira Daswani, dives into areas of the cancer experience that are typically overlooked, such as, stigma, LQBTQ, tumor boards, guidelines, radiation 101, etc. and will now talk to PCORI-funded researchers to hear their stories, learn more about their work and share how their work impacts cancer patients, survivors and caregivers.

In addition to releasing a new podcast episode bi-weekly, we will be hosting a companion, virtual “podcast club” to discuss the podcast. Think book club, but for podcasts! These podcast clubs will allow our community to ask questions, share their own insights and foster conversations about research that matters to them.

“The Patient From Hell” podcast was rated in the top 10% of all globally shared podcasts by Spotify last year. Listeners have called the podcast “thought-provoking” and “a perfect blend of science + humanity.” One listener shared that the podcast is:, “An honest, personal narrative from a young cancer survivor with a wide variety of interviewees. I appreciate the variety - from musings on ‘Is cancer like chess’ to interviews with the head of PANCAN, which was inspiring to listen to.”

Some notable past guests include: Patrick Delaney (Head of NCCN Foundation), Paula Kim (Founder of PanCan), Dr. Yi-wen Huang (Metastatic breast cancer patient), Jane Gutkovich (Founder of the EHE Foundation and caregiver), Katie Coleman (Rare cancer patient and TikTok patient influencer), Dave Durante (Olympic gymnast and fitness expert), Dr. Manuela Kogon (Stanford professor and author), and many more! You can view and listen to all of our past episodes here.

Manta Cares’ project and the other projects approved for funding by the PCORI Engagement Award Program were selected through a highly competitive review process in which applications were assessed for their ability to meet PCORI’s engagement goals and objectives, as well as program criteria. For more information about PCORI’s funding to support engagement efforts, visit here.  

PCORI is an independent, nonprofit organization authorized by Congress in 2010 to fund comparative effectiveness research that will provide patients, their caregivers, and clinicians with the evidence needed to make better-informed health and healthcare decisions. PCORI is committed to seeking input from a broad range of stakeholders to guide its work.

We need your feedback to help determine the content covered in the podcast.

Please take this short, 2-3 minute SURVEY to help inform which content you find the most interesting and pertinent.

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